Committee Chairs

Each of our events is planned by a dedicated staff headed by two co-chairs and numerous committee members. Each member plays a vital role within the RPC structure and is responsible for maintaining RPC across campus. Please contact the respective committee for more specific information.

Beer Bike: Eddie Tang and Shreya Menon

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Eddie is a junior at Baker College majoring in Philosophy and Evolutionary Biology. He loves watching movies, playing basketball, and listening to The Strokes and Blink-182. His favorite RPC event is Beer Bike because it’s so freaking HYPE!!!





Shreya Menon is a rising sophomore from Lovett majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In her free time, you can find her listening to music and exploring Houston with her friends. Her favorite RPC event is the gingerbread house competition because who doesn’t love candy and Christmas!!

Festivals: Angel Zhang and Rebecca Artall



Angel is a senior at Martel College majoring in Economics with a minor in Business. This is her fourth year in RPC, having previously served as a college rep, a committee member for Passport to Houston and Beer Bike, and DCR. Her favorite event is Night Bites because of the free food! Outside of RPC, Angel enjoys napping and traveling.

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Rebecca is a senior at Duncan College majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology. She’s very confused about how she became a senior considering she’s pretty sure she’s showed up to O-Week yesterday. She thinks she can cook (sometimes true), but her real talent is watching videos of other people cooking (definitely true, shoutout to Bon Appetit for endless hours of #wholesome content). Please send good vibes and iced coffee while she works on her senior thesis and figures out a post-undergrad life plan. Also make sure to make it to the track for her favorite RPC event, Beer Bike.

Design: Sahana Prabhu and Ashwini Bandi

unnamed (2).jpgSAHANA PRABHU

Sahana is a junior at Martel College and a lover of flowers – including sunflowers, roses, and daisies! She loves green tea ice cream, blueberries, smiling, taking photos, and of course, art and design. In addition to RPC Design, Sahana designs for the Rice Campanile, volunteers at Ben Taub Hospital, and is currently planning an alternative spring break trip to learn about maternal health outcomes. Her favorite RPC event is the Acrylic Paint n’ Pour hosted by Design x NOA – it represents the first of many events planned by the Design Committee!



Ashwini is a sophomore at Brown College majoring in Biological Sciences. She loves trying out new restaurants, spotting dogs on campus, and hanging out with friends. Her favorite RPC events are the acrylic pour event hosted by Design x NOA and the study breaks (because who doesn’t love free food??).

Night Owl Antics (NOA): Aayushi Shah and Lauren Loh

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Aayushi is a sophomore at Lovett College majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and Neuroscience. Originally from Memphis, TN, she enjoys exploring Houston (especially the medical district!). She loves hanging out with her friends, sleeping, free boba and food, and trying new things. Her favorite event is the Gingerbread House Building Competition because it’s so lively and creative!



Lauren is a senior from McMurtry studying Managerial Studies and Sociology. In her free time, she loves talking about and watching Marvel movies and reality tv, eating brunch, and taking naps. She loves Passport to Houston because it allows for her to explore Houston for free! 

Passport to Houston: Jiwon Park and James Chen



Jiwon is a sophomore at Sid Richardson College majoring in Psychology. She loves exploring new restaurants and tries to replicate them at home. She also loves to test her spice tolerance limit with hot food. Her favorite RPC event is Passports to Houston because she gets to go off-campus with her friends!





James is currently a Senior at Hanszen majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, minoring in Medical Humanities, and planning to apply for medical school in the 2021 cycle. This will be his 3rd year in RPC: from Traditions Committee Member, to Social Vice President, and now Passport to Houston Co-Chair! Perhaps too easily, James is the type of guy who could talk about food for hours on end with you once the topic is brought up, especially when it comes down to late-night food (Yoyo’s, Canes, Whataburger, Gogi, the list goes ON and ON). He’s also an avid Smash Bros player, enjoys attending EDM concerts and music festivals, watches TV shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Dead To Me and animes such as One Piece and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and plays basketball/watches the Houston Rockets in his free time. Finally, his favorite part about RPC is its vision to serve all of Rice and bring it together through a diverse array of events. Of all the events, his favorite events include the Houston Rodeo (Passport to Houston), the Traditions Fall and Spring Study Breaks, and BEER BIKE!

Publicity: Anney Tuo and Serena Shedore

1B1EC2C5-ADB1-46FE-8DC5-22881424580B 2ANNEY TUO

Anney is a sophomore from Martel College, studying neuroscience and history. In her free time, she likes finding new food spots to try in Houston, power-napping, and binging Grey’s Anatomy. Her favorite RPC event is the Gingerbread House Competition because it’s super fun to see how creative Rice students can be!




Serena is a sophomore at Wiess College majoring in Economics and Social Policy Analysis. In her free time, she enjoys visiting IKEA, attempting to bake, and watching bad reality TV shows. Her favorite RPC event is Night Bites because free food!




Socials: Maishara Muquith and Erin Liu

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I am Maishara, a senior studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology. I have been in RPC since my freshman year, and have served in various roles including President, McMurtry College Rep, and a member in the Traditions and NOA committees. This year I am excited to be one of the Socials co-chair! In my free time, I binge watch Netflix, explore the culinary scene in Houston with friends, and nap. I look forward to spending another year with my peers putting on fun events for our student body!


Copy of IMG_3855 - Yasmin Givens

Yasmin is a sophomore from Baker majoring in Sociology and Social Policy Analysis. In her free time, she loves to go thrifting, draw, and explore local Houston restaurants with her friends. Her favorite RPC event is, of course, Beer Bike!! (She’s even a Baker Beer Bike coord!)






Erin is a Sophomore from Sid majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Math. In her free time, she enjoys watching detective movies and all sorts of documentaries. Her favorite RPC event is Gingerbread competition because it’s such a good way to relax before finals and have fun with friends 🙂

Traditions: Erica Zhong and Stephanie Ponce

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Erica is a senior at Will Rice College majoring in Computer Science. She likes to travel, talk too much about California, try unique foods, and win Smash solely using down-B with Kirby. Her favorite RPC event is Beer Bike!

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My name is Stephanie Ponce and I am a junior at McMurtry College. I love swimming and all things water as well as listening to Maluma, The Weeknd, and any r&b. My favorite RPC event is the gingerbread building competition because it allows everyone to enjoy the holidays and be creative.