College Representatives


Arthur is a sophomore (class of 2019) at Baker majoring in Mechanical Engineering and pursuing a business minor as well as the RCEL Certificate. Passport to Houston are his favorite RPC events since they let him explore and greatly enjoy Houston’s vibrant culture.



Natalie Croitoru is excited to serve as your Brown College Rep! Natalie is a sophomore (Class of 2019) from Cocoa Beach, Florida pursuing a double major in psychology and history. In her free time, she enjoys cake decorating, running the outer loop, and finding new places to study on campus. Natalie’s favorite RPC event is Esperanza because it’s an awesome night outside of the Rice hedges and a glimpse at the different venues that Houston has to offer.



Claire Casey is a sophomore from Duncan College majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering. In addition to serving as RPC Publicity co-chair and the Duncan College RPC rep, she is also a Duncan Spirit co-chair, involved in EWB, and a campus tour guide. Her favorite RPC event is a tie between Screw-Yer-Roommate and Beer Bike, because while she loves meeting people from all around Rice during Screw, she also loves cheering on her fellow Duncaroos at Beer Bike.



Gillian is a sophomore from Hanszen studying economics, sociology, and PJHC. In her free time she enjoys volunteering and travel, as she currently serves as director of curriculum for a campus nonprofit called Moneythink, is a Community Bridges fellow, and spent the summer interning for an charitable trust in India. Her favorite RPC event is Beer Bike because of the way the whole campus anticipates it and builds it up all year long.



Joshua Perez is the RPC Representative from Jones College! He is a sophomore psychology major, and he loves basketball and TV shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. His favorite RPC event is BEEEEEER BIIIIIIIKE because Jones has some of the best Beer Bike traditions and RPC does an absolutely phenomenal job setting it up and running it.




Sebastian can be characterized as a card-carrying baller, Sebastian’s invincible athletic abilities have given him success in IM billiards, basketball, football, soccer, badminton, and softball. His interests in athletics almost matches his passion for music, which includes swing dancing, salsa, 90s boy bands, and the classic hip hop, which he gladly shows off at both Esperanza and Rondelet, his favorite RPC events. If you have any questions about RPC or Lovett gladly hit up this future Mechanical Engineer.



Kim Wood is a Martel sophomore majoring in Biosciences and English. She is part of The Thresher, R2, the Rice Wildlife Conservation Corps, and plays in Torque, Rice’s Women’s Ultimate frisbee team. Her favorite RPC event is Beer Bike mainly due to the extended water balloon fight and good natures rivalry of the colleges.



Laura Ruthig-Poon is a senior at McMurtry. She is a Psychology and Cognitive Sciences double major. Her favorite RPC event is Beer Bike because it gets everyone together!



Sid Richardson                     

Neal is a resident of Sid Richardson College. He plans to graduate in 2019 with degrees in Biochemistry & Cell Biology and Cognitive Science. He spends his free time playing various intramural sports (where he met his girlfriend!), participating in RPMS and RSVP events, and, of course, advertising for and running RPC events. Neal’s favorite RPC event is Trick or Treat at the Rink. Though it is one of the trickier events for his committee to plan and execute, helping students escape campus for one night to just skate, stumble, and forget about their woes was definitely very rewarding for him.



Aurnab is a Wiessman of the class of 2019. He plans to major in Bioengineering, is a member of Rice Medical Humanities, and loves engaging in community service projects. His favorite RPC event was Esperanza, as he was finally able to embarrass himself on the dance floor with his friends. He also loves RPC’s Passport to Houston, which was a big reason why he wanted to be a college rep!


Will Rice

Danial Syed is a junior at Will Rice College. He’s studying Biochemistry & Cell Biology and does neuroscience research at BCM, as well as with the Neurosurgery Dept. at the University of Iowa Hospitals (in the summer!) He’s also an admin for Rice University Splash and Rice MedicOwls, and loves reading/writing fiction. His favorite RPC event would definitely be Beer Bike. Catch him in a Kinda Sketchy show sometime!