College Representatives


Baker Representative – Raiha Abbas

Raiha is a sophomore (Class of 2021) from Baker College majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Her favorite RPC events are the ones hosted by Night Owl Antics or NOA, because they’re casual, easy to drop in to and let students do something relaxing and fun with their friends without having to spend money or leave campus. Outside of RPC, she works with Rice Eclipse’s Chemicals Team and enjoys listening to music, painting, reading, and baking.
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Brown Representative – Amanda Hernandez

Amanda is a sophomore at Brown College majoring in Neuroscience. She is involved as the 2018 Rice Homecoming Committee Chair and as a Brown College Night Co-Chair. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering at Workshop Houston, trying new restaurants with friends, and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee at Chaus. Her favorite RPC events are Esperanza and Beer Bike because they bring everyone on campus together to forget about the stress of school for a while and have fun.


Duncan Representative – Rebecca Artall

Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, Rebecca is a junior at Duncan College majoring in Cognitive Science and Psychology.  When not watching the Great British Baking Show or Buzzfeed Tasty videos (which is almost never), you can find her falling asleep in public places. If she is awake, look for her at the OIT Help Desk in Mudd lab or at Duncan as the Duncan OIT Ambassador.

“She’s a great Googler, that’s important” — my friend Gill

“Normally pretty helpful, but EXTRA helpful if you bring her food” — my friend Jeff

“Usually pretty good at driving, except when she hits the curb” — all of my friends

Rebecca is also one of the 2019 Beer Bike Coordinators so it’s safe to say it’s her favorite RPC event. That being said, she loves any RPC activity that gives out food (so pretty much all of them).

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Hanszen Representative – James Chen

James’s Instagram bio states that he’s a “Denny’s aficionado (evident from all the late nights he’s grabbed from Denny’s in past years) and Gordon Ramsay wannabe (aka watches a ton of Ramsay videos in the slight chance that he might pick something up”, but he also plays Super Smash Bros and basketball, likes going to music festivals and concerts (especially if they have EDM), and plays piano/violin on the side if he ever has time. He’s a Junior at Hanszen College who’s majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and minoring in Medical Humanities and he enjoys RPC because he really feels like it gives people all around campus a place to get together with their friends and have a great time and perhaps get to know new people along the way. His favorite RPC event (besides Beer Bike, cuz that’s everyone’s fave) is the Fall and Spring Traditions Study Break because who doesn’t love FREE FOOD, specifically FREE CANES??


Jones Representative – Josh Perez

Josh is a Senior from Jones College! He is majoring in psychology and hoping to do psychiatry one day. You can find him doing RHA (Rice Health Advisor) or SMR (Student Maintenance Rep) work, or watching/playing basketball or teaching his class on basketball history. His favorite RPC event is Esperanza as it’s always been super well put on and amazing and he loves the creative locations that RPC gets!


Lovett Representative – Christina Lee

Christina is a sophomore (Class of 2021) at Lovett College double majoring in Political Science and Sociology with a minor in Business. In her free time, she enjoys freestyle hip-hop dancing, exploring Houston and finding murals, taking her friends on photoshoots, doing makeup, and of course, drinking boba. On campus, she is also part of the Student Admissions Council as the Events Management and Recruitment Chair and a campus tour guide, Student Association as its Deputy Treasurer, and Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. Her favorite RPC events are Beer Bike, Esperanza, and Rondelet. She loves being able to dance and enjoy time with her friends, and all those events qualify!


Martel Representative – Janani Velchamy

Janani Velchamy is a junior at Martel College! She is currently majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Business. When she is not in Abercrombie cramming in last minute lab work, you can find her running the outer loop, watching Grey’s Anatomy or napping with her friends. Her favorite RPC event is Screw-Yet-Roommate because it’s such a great way to be your weirdest self and meet people you would never have known otherwise!


McMurtry Representative – Jackie Alvarez

Jackie is a junior (Class of 2020) from Houston, TX studying Civil Engineering. She is a head mentor for DREAM and an English-Spanish translator for Engineers Without Borders. You can typically find her in Coffeehouse or the Rec or McMurtry Commons or basically anywhere besides Fondy. In her free time (or really anytime), she loves hanging out with friends. She likes going beyond the hedges with Passport to Houston but her favorite RPC event is of course BEEEEER BIKE!!!

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Sid Richardson Representative – Carrigan Hudgins                    

Carrigan Hudgins is a sophomore at Sid Richardson College studying bioengineering. Outside of RPC, she enjoys planning events as a Socials Chair at Sid. In her free time, you can catch her binge watching Netflix shows and Youtube videos. Carrigan’s favorite RPC events are Esperanza and Rondelet because it’s fun to see everyone get dressed up and leave campus for the night!


Wiess Representative – Anilu Chavez

Anilu Chavez is a sophomore at Wiess, Team Wiess! She is majoring in Neuroscience and is still deciding on what to do as a minor. Her hobbies include dance, fashion, makeup, and volunteering. She is currently a member in the Rice Dance Theater, so she knows everything and anything about dance (not really). She really likes going around Houston and finding new things to eat, her current favorite is Poke or simply hanging out with her friends. Her favorite RPC event is Esperanza. It was her first formal at the University and she has so many good memories associated with Esperanza, and not to mention the venue was perfect since the Astros had just won the world series!


Will Rice Representative – Divya Jain

Divya is a freshman (Class of 2022) at Will Rice College who is planning on double majoring in Political Science and something in the biosciences. Outside of RPC, she’s on the mock trial team and Will Rice powderpuff. You can typically find her grinding in Will Rice parlor or Lilie, enjoying a London Fog at coffeehouse, or asleep in her bed. Her favorite RPC events are Esperanza because she loves elaborate event planning and Nite Bites because who doesn’t love free food?

divya jain