College Representatives

RPC College Representatives serve as channels of communication between the residential colleges and RPC. They represent and communicate to the Council the ideas and opinions of their respective colleges. Additionally, college reps actively promote all RPC events to the residential colleges and Rice community as a whole.

Baker Representative: David Pichardo

David is a sophomore at Baker College, who’s planning to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This is his first year working at RPC as an RPC Rep for Baker, after enjoying such events as Rondelet, Esparanza, and the various, necessary study breaks that RPC has had to offer!

In his free time, you’ll catch David out in the Flag Football field, reading philosophy, or trying out new cooking recipes.

His favorite RPC event, of course, is BEEEEEER BIIIIIKE!!!!


Brown Representative: Elaine Hwang

Elaine is a sophomore from Brown College majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Anthropology. Often times she is watching college football or having karaoke sessions with friends when she should really be studying instead. Her favorite RPC event is the gingerbread house contest because you can eat the leftover frosting you don’t use.


Duncan Representative: Isabella Osuna

Isabella Osuna is a Junior from Duncan College majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology.  In her free time she drinks way too much caffeine but is always convinced to go on a new adventure.

Her favorite RPC event is the President and Dean’s Study Break because it gives every student a chance to de-stress before finals and have a much needed getaway.


Hanszen Representative: Elina Chen

Elina Chen is a sophomore from Hanszen College and the college representative of Hanszen this year. This is her second year at RPC. Previously, she was a member of the publicity department. As an architecture student, Elina loves art, photography, and museum hunting. She also works at the Digital Media Commons of Fondren Library. Ask her if you want any help on design/media edit. Her favorite RPC event is no doubt Beer Bike, the most exciting event all year round!


Jones Representative: Ishaan Rischie

Ishaan is a sophomore from Jones College (JIBA!). He is currently majoring Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as minoring in Medical Humanities, and he is also involved in cancer research at the Baylor College of Medicine. In his free time, you’ll probably see him hanging out with his friends, enjoying the amazing food options all around Houston, or making an absolute fool of himself in your local Target or HEB. His favorite RPC event is Beer Bike because no other event has the ability to unify Rice students (current and old) in our unique, quirky culture of fun. Aside from Beer Bike, he also likes Screw-Yer-Roommate since it’s such a fun way to expand your social circles and meet new people that you might never have known otherwise.

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Lovett Representative: Johnny Wang

Johnny is a sophomore at Lovett College majoring in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and English. He listens to music, plays basketball, and cooks in his free time. He is currently serving as the RPC College Rep at Lovett, and his favorite RPC events are Beer Bike and Esperanza.


Martel Representative: Charis Tang

Charis is a sophomore at Martel College, and originally came in as a piano performance major at Shepherd, but is currently planning on pursuing a major in cognitive sciences and a business minor. In her free time, you can catch her going out in search of new food places with her friends or binge watching Netflix and YouTube. Some of her favorite RPC events are Esperanza and Rondelet because she enjoys witnessing beautiful things like Rice students dressed up.


McMurtry Representative: Samantha Cheng

Samantha is a sophomore at McMurtry College majoring in Cognitive Sciences. She loves bullet-journaling, cooking, baking, and exploring the best restaurants across Houston. She also runs a popular food blog to keep up with her adventures – check her out on IG @samxfoodie! Her favorite RPC events are the gingerbread competition, Rondelet, and Beer Bike.


Sid Richardson Representative: Carrigan Hudgins                    

Carrigan Hudgins is a junior at Sid Richardson College studying Bioengineering. She is the RPC College Rep for Sid and loves to be involved in RPC’s fun events that allow students to hang out with friends (and eat good food). Outside of RPC, you can catch Carrigan helping out with Rice’s Biomedical Engineering Society or binge watching Youtube videos. Carrigan’s favorite RPC events are Esperanza and Rondelet because it’s a fun change to see everyone get dressed up and leave campus for the night!


Wiess Representative: Anilu Chavez

Anilu Chavez is a junior at Wiess studying Neuroscience and minoring in CAAM. This year will be Anilu’s second year as an RPC College Representative for Wiess. She has enjoyed becoming part of the RPC family and is very excited to serve the Wiess community by informing them of all things RPC. Anilu loves to dance and she will be one of the co-company presidents for the Rice Dance Theater this upcoming year so you will often see her at the rec. Her other favorite pass times are exploring the Houston food scene, going home to visit her parents and chihuahua, and simply having fun nights with her friends.

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Will Rice Representative: Sarah Park

Sarah is a freshman at Will Rice College majoring in linguistics and planning on minoring in medical humanities. This is her first year at RPC. She loves baking banana bread and singing. In her free time, Sarah likes to be with friends and explore different places in Houston. She is so excited to get involved with RPC and is thrilled to have the opportunity to connect students across campus. 🙂