2019-2020 Committee Members

Andrea Gomez

Andrea Gomez is a sophomore at McMurtry College studying Architecture. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball, drawing, watching Marvel movies and binging How I met your Mother. Her favorite RPC event is the Ginger Bread House competition because it allows friends to collaborate creatively and have fun!

IMG-1708 - Andrea Gomez

Charlotte Cohen

Charlotte Cohen is a freshman from Hanszen college. She is majoring in architecture and has always had a love for painting, playing piano, and meeting new people. So far the only RPC event has participated in has been Screw-Yer-Roommate — but that won’t hinder her excitement to contribute to the team! Catch her museum-hopping, talking about Breaking Bad, or showing you pictures of her cat with seven toes.

Heidi Li

Heidi is a freshman at Will Rice college majoring in architecture. She loves binge-watching crime documentaries and drinking coffee while staying up late at night. In her free time, she enjoys oil-painting, going on walks with friends, thrift shopping, looking at furniture, and visiting America’s national parks. She is new to the RPC but am excited about all the events that will be taking place!

Copy of heidi - Heidi L.jpg