Executive Council

The Executive Council oversees all activity within RPC and is integral to the smooth running of RPC. For the 2017-2018 fiscal year, the Council consists of five positions and is filled by five members.

President – Stephanie Zhao

Stephanie is a senior at Brown College majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, with a minor in Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  This is Stephanie’s third year in RPC, from college rep to IVP to President! As President, she is responsible for overseeing the organization as a whole, ensuring the successful operation of all committees and events, and is the primary spokesperson for the organization. She enjoys the opportunity to work with fellow students to plan events for the Rice community and is excited to lead RPC to successfully execute and improve its events this year! Her favorite RPC events are Esperanza and the Gingerbread House Building Contest. Outside of RPC, Stephanie spends time serving as Co-President of the Vietnamese Student Association, as a Head PAA at her college, volunteering at Texas Children’s, baking, reading food blogs, and going on art and food adventures around Houston with her friends.


The President is responsible for overseeing RPC as a whole, ensuring that all committees and events are run smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly, successfully. The President elects the Executive Council, working with them to select co-chairs and establish the budget, sets the agenda for and runs Exec and General meetings, and serves as the primary spokesperson and main point of contact for the organization. The President also helps the Executive Council set organization-wide, committee, and personal goals for the year and works with them throughout the year to ensure those goals are reached.

Interval Vice President (IVP) – Natalie Croitoru

Natalie is a junior at Brown College majoring in Psychology and History, with a minor in Business. This is Natalie’s third year in RPC, from socials committee member to college rep to the exec team! As Internal Vice President, she hopes to ensure that all members develop a sense of agency to change RPC for the better. She is in charge of planning retreats, retention events, and meeting minutes; but her role also goes beyond these tasks to ensure that members are enjoying their time in RPC and getting the most out of their experience. Natalie serves as the exec liaison to the socials committee, which is no surprise considering that Esperanza is her favorite event. When she’s not doing RPC things, Natalie likes to cook, decorate cakes, run (to counteract the baking), and cure her cabin fever by venturing off campus with her roommate.

The Internal Vice President maintains organization and cohesion within RPC. The IVP plans retreats and retention events, and also handles minutes and attendance tasks. The IVP gets to know every single member in RPC, and serves to help to personalize their experience and to foster an environment where members can affect change. In this way, the IVP works to ensure that RPC is not only planning great events for the student body, but that its members are also building relationships and having fun along the way. RPC truly is a student-led and student-run organization. The IVP is responsible for giving our members the support they need, and for showing our appreciation for all their hard work by giving them a memorable experience!

External Vice President – Ashton Duke

Ashton Duke is a junior at Duncan College majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in business and certificate in engineering leadership. This is his third year in RPC, from Beer Bike concessions coordinator to campus-wide Beer Bike coordinator and now EVP! Outside of RPC, he is a TA for CHBE 303, student manager of the Rice Volleyball team and a tour guide with the admissions office. His favorite RPC event is Beer Bike but his second favorite is the Gingerbread House Building Competition because, “it is the only event where I can shamelessly eat icing and no one will judge.” As EVP, his job is to manage the campus-wide calendar and act as an intermediary between RPC and other campus organizations.

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The External Vice President acts as the main intermediary between RPC and other groups/organizations across campus, including the SA, Homecoming Committee, and each of the residential college’s socials committee heads/directors.  The EVP’s job is to ensure that RPC’s campus-wide goals are being met.  In addition, the EVP also helps facilitate the scheduling and planning of college events so that conflicts are kept to a minimum.

Director of College Relations – Elizabeth Hang

Elizabeth Hang is a junior from Will Rice College studying Psychology and Global Health Technologies, and she is your Director of College Relations for 2017-2018. This is her third year in RPC, from committee member, to committee chair, and now executive board member. Beer Bike is Elizabeth’s favorite event as not only has her home college swept five times, it is an incredible event that brings students from all years together to root for their colleges. In addition to serving as the Director of College Relations for RPC, Elizabeth is also Internal Vice President for the Vietnamese Student Association.


The Director of College Relations (DCR) ensures that RPC has a devoted and competent body of college representatives that are enthusiastic and informed about all RPC events so that each member of the undergraduate community has a chance to know about and attend the events that RPC hosts. The DCR is also required to make sure that the college reps are gaining feedback from their colleges, both positive and negative in order to add to the growth of RPC. The DCR also acts as an executive liaison for not only the college representatives, but also for two RPC committees, Publicity and Design.

Treasurer – Emily Shen

Emily is a junior at Jones College majoring in Cognitive Sciences and pursuing the pre-medical track. As treasurer, Emily oversees the budget for each event and committee, prepares budgetary information for Blanket Tax Review, and records and reports financial transactions made by the club. Her favorite RPC event is Screw-Yer- Roommate because it’s a fun way to meet new people. Outside of RPC, she is president of the Chinese Student Association and involved in research at Baylor.


The Treasurer oversees the financial aspects in RPC that include monetary planning and budgeting, fiscal reporting, and funding. In addition, this year the Treasurer will be working closely with both the Traditions and Night Owl Antics Committees.