2019-2020 Committee Members

David Danjul

David is a senior at Brown College majoring in Piano Performance with a minor in Business. He will also be joining the Rice Master of Accounting Program in the fall of 2021. He enjoys playing violin for patients at the Houston Methodist Hospital. In his free time, he loves to cook and play badminton. His favorite RPC event is Beer Bike because of the water balloon fight!

201908064506846430222058633 - David Danjul

Amy Barnett

Amy is a freshman at Baker college and a comp sci major. She enjoys running, listening to music, drinking coffee, and hanging out with people. You can usually find her in Baker commons or at Coffeehouse getting free coffee past midnight.

Copy of AmyBarnettBaker - Amy Barnett

Grace Wei

Grace is a freshman at Baker College majoring in Economics and minoring in Business. She enjoys playing guitar and violin, finding free food, watching cooking shows but not cooking, and being in the outdoors. Her favorite event is the RPC Welcome Back Day because she adores succulents.

Copy of 49461748_2375092159379603_1142303903069503488_n - Grace Wei.jpg

Jenny Park

Jenny Park is a freshman from SidRich majoring in Economics and minoring in Business. Her favorite RPC event is the Gingerbread Competition and she’s super excited to participate in it with her sweet-mates! She loves to calligraph, listen to mainstream pop, meet new people, and drink boba.

Copy of IMG_1418 - Jenny Park

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