Night Owl Antics

2019-2020 Committee Members

Ozioma Ozor-Ilo

Ozioma Ozor-Ilo is a sophomore at Jones College. She is studying mechanical engineering with the goal of becoming a solar engineer. Her favorite RPC event is the Night Bites because she loves to late night snack.


Lisa Lin

Lisa is a freshman at Baker (hell yeah!) and currently majoring in Biochemistry as a premed. She loves swimming, dancing, reading Tumblr posts on Instagram, and watching cheesy dramas. Her favorite Night Owl Antics event is Bubble Soccer!

Copy of 8B16A0FD-3A9E-4754-9515-7974C2AC3FD5 - Lisa Lin

Trisha Gupta

Trisha is a freshman from Sid Richardson College. She loves watching movies (especially Star Wars and Marvel), listening to Bollywood music, spending time with cats, and eating good food! Her favorite RPC Event is Night Bites, because she loves eating free food with friends:)

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Alex Carty

Alex is a sophomore from Sid Rich majoring in Mathematical Economics. In his free time he enjoys going on walks to de-stress, playing video games, and watching time slip away with friends. His favorite RPC events are the two helpful study breaks and Beer Bike. This is his first year with RPC and he is excited to get involved and meet new people from around campus.

RPC Photo - Alex Carty