Metro for Undergraduates

How do I get my free METRO Q Card?
Rice undergraduates can obtain or reload a Q-Card by stopping by the Cashier’s Office in the Allen Center with their current Rice ID. Visiting students and post-docs are not eligible for university subsidized Metro Q Cards.When you pick up your card from the Cashier’s Office you will be asked to accept the following terms and conditions governing your acceptance and use of the METRO Q Card.
1.    The METRO Q Card is for personal use only and may not be sold, exchanged, loaned, given or otherwise willfully transferred to any other individual or entity. Any violation of the these restrictions will result in the loss of my ability to receive another METRO Q Card from Rice University for the remainder of my matriculation and may be considered a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. 2.    Any lost or stolen METRO Q Card will be canceled and must be reported to the Cashier’s Office either in person or via as soon as possible. The fees for replacement cards will be charged to your account in the following amounts:

1st Replacement                  $25
2nd Replacement                 $50
3rd Replacement                 $100
METRO Q Cards will not be reissued a fourth time.

3.    Students are expected to use one card for the entire time they are Rice students. Do NOT discard your METRO Q Card at the end of the academic year. However, Rice only loads value onto the cards during the Academic Year.

4.    Metro Q Cards by themselves do not guarantee access to METRORail. Students must tap their cards prior to each ride. Metro Q Cards can not be double tapped to attempt to pay for another individual. Metro Police can scan your METRO Q Card to determine whether or not it was tapped.

 5.    The Metro Q Cards of graduating seniors are canceled with Metro the Monday after Commencement with any funds remaining credited to Rice University.

How do I use my METRO Q Card?
Tap your METRO Q Card on the Q Box located on all buses and on ticket vending machines (TVM) on METRORail platforms. The correct fare will be deducted from your Q Card for local, express, METRORail, or Park and Ride Services. When you tap your Q Card on the Q Box, a green light will appear with your remaining balance. If you accidentally tap your card a second time on the Q Box, a red light will appear, however, you will not be charged a second time.

Will I have unlimited use of METRO bus and rail during the academic year?
Yes. You can take your Q Card to the Cashier’s Office to replenish the funds based on your expected use of the Metro system during the academic year. Although METRO Q-Cards do not expire, no cards will be issued or value added to Q-Cards between graduation and O-Week.

Should I keep my Q Card to use in future academic years?
Yes. Your Q-Card is good during each academic year that you are enrolled as an undergraduate student at Rice. Do NOT discard your Q Card at the end of the academic year. Rice-Subsidized METRO cards are inactivated immediately after graduation with unused funds applied back to the program.

How do I replace a lost/stolen Metro Money Card or Q-Card?
Once you realize you have lost your Metro Q Card or it has been stolen, contact the Cashier’s Office immediately either in person or via You will be contacted you when your replacement can be picked up at the Cashier’s Office.

What if I want to use Metro during the summer?
Metro Q Cards will work during the summer months, however if you run out of funds during the summer, you will need to either reload funds at your own expense or request an authorization form (verifying your full-time summer student status) from the Registrar to purchase a separate Student Discount Card (50% off) at the Metro Office at 1900 Main St.