H2O07 Assassins

H2007 is a campus-wide game of assassins. Each participant is armed with a small plastic water gun and the name of their target. Over the course of one week in the spring, participants must track down their target with little more than a name and “assassinate” their target with a shot from their water gun. At the same time, they must make sure to escape the notice of their own assassin. Once a target is shot, the name of their target is forfeited to their assassin. For a week filled with Sherlock Holmes-level detective work, James Bond-level stealth, and a tiny bit of paranoia, make sure to sign up! For the especially gifted assassins, prizes are awarded to the assassins with the highest number of “assassinations” at the end of the game.

The game is completely free and SUPER FUN! Even if you’re usually not good at this kind of game you should still try it out! Of course, in order to keep the game fun and safe, every participant must agree to honor the following rules.

1. You can’t shoot a target during class time. (Anything outside class time is a fair game. Talking to a professor after class time is considered outside of class)

2. You can’t shoot a target while he/she is working a student job. If you’re working on a student job, you can’t shoot other people either.

3. Fondren is off limits: no shooting should take place inside the library.

4. You can’t shoot a person when he/she is sleeping in his/her room

5. If you shoot the person who is trying to assassinate you before he/she is able to kill you, you have 5 minutes safety to run away.

6. You have to use the RPC-issued water gun that you will pick up the Monday or Tuesday before the game. Other water guns are not allowed. This is for safety reasons, mandated by RUPD.

7. Write down the names of the targets that you successfully “killed” and keep it with you somewhere. You MUST remember the names of your targets. Once the game is over we will ask assassins with over a certain number of kills to e-mail us their list of targets in order to determine the winners.

8. Once you’ve been killed, you MUST tell your assassin your assigned target.

*You only count the number of targets you personally killed, so you do not get to “steal” the number of kills from your targets. For example, if you killed a person who killed 3 people, you still only count 1 kill.

*If you absolutely cannot find time to pick up your water gun on Monday 3/4 or Tuesday 3/5 from 12pm-2pm, you can ask a trusted friend to pick it up for you, but your friend must bring your Rice ID in order to confirm your consent.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns (such as if you know someone at Rice has the same name as you), or general feedback, please email socials.rpc@gmail.com.