Aisha Jeeva President
Hannah Millimet Internal VP
Wilfred So External VP
Raven Grant Director of College Relations
Colleen Howard Treasurer
Jared Elinger Passport to Houston Co-Chair
Judy Liu Passport to Houston Co-Chair
Christian Neal Beer Bike
Eric Baeuerle Beer Bike
Jacob Hernandez Concerts Co-Chair (Executive chair of Awesomeness)
Sophie Lin Concerts Co-Chair
Abby Gordon Socials Co-Chair
Micah Tatum Socials Co-Chair
Pooja Kapadia Traditions Co-Chair
Aubrey Lopshire Traditions Co-Chair
Shane Alpert Publicity Co-Chair
Erin Rieger Publicity Co-Chair
Kate Travis Night Owl Antics Co-Chair
Viral Patel Night Owl Antics Co-Chair
Pablo Henning Design Team Head
Maria Lima Baker College Rep
Valerie Baretsky Brown College Rep
Jenny Goeddel Duncan College Rep
Sofi Hebert Jones College Rep
Yijing Zhu Lovett College Rep
Audrey Smith Martel College Rep
Jared Elinger McMurtry College Rep
Matt Avalos Sid Rich College Rep
Megh Gore Wiess College Rep
Dixita Viswanath Will Rice College Rep
Mimi Hung Socials Committee Member
Julia Chavez Socials Committee Member
Solji Jung Socials Committee Member
Jodie Nghiem Socials Committee Member
Marco Ruiz Concerts Committee Member
Alex Alexander Concerts Committee Member
Quinn Rhodes Traditions committee member
Lisha Huang Traditions committee member
Priyanka Mehta Traditions committee member
Mary-Charlotte Carroll PTH committee member
Andrea Amaro PTH committee member
Andrew Baca NOA committee member
Sahar Noorani NOA committee member
Ziyao Li
Rachel Galton Publicity committee member
Ethan Kim Publicity committee member
Edna Otuomagie Publicity committee member
Shukai Chen Design Team member
Carrie Jiang Design Team member
Zack Carlins Design Team member
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